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know it. but it's important that you know what chary means -- so look it up. thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please, always remember, the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you.
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from the last campaign going to get more involve ntd debate prep. >> that question this race is turned upside down thanks to the performance in denver, he's risen in the polls and captured the lead from the president. we're going to have all of the explosive new polls for you plus analysis in our next segment. first there is another clear indicator telling us where the election stands. and that being the latest
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campaign ad. they tell whaus each of the candidates are focusing on at this stage of the game. contrast is staggering. one side there is a desperate incumbent who wants to distract you, the voters and make this election about everything and anything except his failed record. like big bird, big bird and big bird. >> big bird. >> big, yellow, a menace to our economy. and romney told us it's not wall street have you to worry about. it's sesame street. >> romney taking on our enemy autos so that is the message coming from team obama. maybe we'll hear about shameus, the dog. now, rnc points out the president talked about big
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bird and elmo for days and mentioning those at least 13 times, however, he's not uttered a word about the libyan terrorist attack or how he plans to fix the economy. big bird must be this week's version of the republican dirty air, dirty water and throwing granny over the cliff. conservatives focused on the real issue like putting americans back to work bringing justice to those terrorists that killed ambassador stevens and three other americans last month. that is the task of the white house. >> september 11th 2012. an american ambassador murdered and three other americans killed. and a security request submitted four months earlier, denied after two bombings and
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fears of being killed expressed by ambassador stevens. and they had no intelligence requiring increased security. then the attack. obama and his administration with evidence piling up on barack obama. within hours of the attacks obama officials received numerous intelligence reports indicating the attacks were organized and al qaeda was involved. given occasions intercepted between al qaeda and libyan militants bragging about the attack. every sign pointed to terrorism. but for two long weeks obama and his team blamed a video. why? for political reasons. it was in obama's interests to not portray attacks as terrorism on the anniversary of the september 11th. intelligence was there.
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clear signs of terrorists but politics came forth. the evidence is mounting and more questions arise what. did this president know? and when? >> what is more important? big bird or lies this was a spontaneous attack on our consulate that murdered four people? and they were the ones responsible, then, telling the american people this is due to an internet movie trailer released in july. and joining me now with reaction fox news political analyst juan williams and author of the "great destroyer". i want to play the president here. this is in last kampb yain, think about this. big bird? big bird, elmo, big bird,
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the dog on top of the car, you're laughing. war on women. contraception. and anything but the important stuff, obama predicts this happens to campaigns in trouble. >> this is. >> if you don't have fresh ideas you use stale tactics to scare voters. if you zront a record to run on, you're paying your opponent as someone people should run from. and you make a big election about small things. >> that is obama. no fresh ideas, scare tactics and running on small things because he's failed and doesn't want to talk about the record. this fits him, perfectly. >> a agree with pbs. i don't think taxpayers should subsidize that. i think big bird is successful
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and masterpiece theater and those folks are successful. i think viewers will support them, they should go out -- . >> i love big bird, i'd love to have big bird. >> okay. okay. wait a minute. and you're on that side of the fence but we know... >> big bird... is small. this is a president that is dealing with small thick thing autos if the governor introduced the idea of cutting off big bird's neck he's talking about 1/100ths of a%ent of the federal budget. 1/100ths of one percent and this is anyway to pay for it? he was saying we're going to borrow money in the name of
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our children and grandchildren from bank of china to fund something that doesn't mean his standard. he'll cut it yes. and i'm going to let david speak. >> this could be a rare moment. i met him and we agreed once that the lunch table. now we're agreeing again. obama... has to maek a big deal out of the nonissues and direct contradiction to what he's been talking about this, is pure projection, he's making this into a big issue because he can't talk about the record. and really, sean, what we're seeing is a failure in foreign policy as revealed and we're finding out obama, the administration was warned and requested aid by ambassador stevens and refused to put up a barbed wire fence because it
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might look bad and there is a result, 12 or 13 people killed there. they lie about it being a video. they know, they knew they had direct evidence that this was a planned attack not as a result of a video but to admit otherwise would show the breakdown of the policy which is to say if you're nights to al qaeda and woo them, they'll like us, we won't have war with them. the truth is that laura hogan pointed out there is no such thing as a kinder taliban and an al qaeda that doesn't want to kill us. >> and i hope obama brings up shameus the dog again. because then, i get to play the tape of obama admitting he ate a dog. let them play small ball here. >> here is why it's not small
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ball. remember, big intird introduced to the conversation by governor rom nee. and not barack obama. >> that is the point. he did it as a dodge sow won't have to talk about the fact that he distorted his own... >> i don't want to raise taxes on the rich. >> and there is a point, i'll never raise taxes on the middle class. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. >> obama gives priority. >> and what romney is saying is that i'm going to cut out this spending that this president won't cut. >> and cut taxes for the rich. >> no contest. >> there is no way to do it. i'll talk about it. i'll make plans and seem like i'm the fiscal, responsible person. >> david, you're up next, i promise. >> oh. >> and there is an incredible
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story to show you. it's time for the obama administration to cue the desperation card. and more as we unveil the latest poll numbers and what happens when you try to put words into paul ryan's mouth? amazing video of the hopeful calling out a reporter over his left wing agenda. we'll check in with dana and bob wood ward and more coming up tonight on this tuesday edition of "hannity". ♪ na, na...
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>> as a result of a stellar debate performance last week, mitt romney is seeing gains across the poll. governor romney is leading president obama 49-47, among likely voters and governor romney is picking up steam when it comes to women, according to the brand-new pew survey, tied with obama at 47%. that's an astonishing 18-point gain in one month among women, leading overall, 49-45. it is not just the national polls. in michigan, president obama's lead has been cut to just 3 points, within the margin of error. and obama led by 10 points in september. the same goes for the all-important state of pennsylvania. governor romney is only behind 3 point there is as well. you know where the bitter people, clinging to their guns and religion live n. wisconsin,
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the president obama lead shrunk by 5 points, leaving governor romney in striking distance there. today, because of the potential to win in some of these states, states that once seemed out of reach, there are reports of the romney campaign could be shifting strategy. we will be getting additional polls to show romney with an edge in ohio with a small margin, virginia and florida. we continue with david limbaugh and juan williams. to be behind in norda, ohio and virginia, now being up and the treel clear political average for the first time as romney ahead, david, and then being close in michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania, what are you thinking if you are team obama? >> you gotta be worried. i will tell you, they are worried. the three key swing state it's virginia, florida and ohio -- rasmussen says if romney gets 2 out of 3, he has a very good chance, if he gets 3, he is a
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likely winner. he is ahead in the polls in all three states. obama is horrified. this dramatic swing was real because it shows a softness in obama support. he has been predict protected by the media and insulated three and-a-half years. he was stripped of his veil during the debate. he was exposed to be the shallow thinker that he is, a guy who is uninformed and doesn't really get into the details. he couldn't answer any obama's substantive points and he stripped him and he exposed his horrible record. now we have this real swing. also, women -- switched because they were listening to the propaganda that obama disseminated and they compare that with the real romney. so you have the real romney in the debate, versus the real obama, versus the manufactured messiah that we have been led to believe he is. we have the real guy with the real record, versus the guy with the real concrete plans. they are horrified because this is substantive and it is not going to go back.
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i don't think obama can recover, major things in the debates coming up? >> that's an excellent analysis. juan? >> i must say -- >> i am thrilled david that you are so convinced that it's over-- i don't think it's over. >> but i must say, i remember being on this show just a week ago and sean was telling me about a left-wing conspiracy to skew the polls. now the polls are golden-- let me answer that. >> now we love the polls. the polls are wonderful. >> sean: stop spinning. [laughter] >> sean: i am glad you are cracking yourself up, juan. hang on. let me help educate out polls. >> yes, thanks. >> sean: the pew poll is using a democratic sample method that still out-samp lipping democrats by a margin higher than obama had in 2008, which nobody believes is going to happen! and still, romney's ahead.
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>> they are using the same methodology they were using all along. >> sean: but it's still phony. >> let me just tell you ---- 9%. >> foreign policy, the voters trust obama more. and it's only rasmussen that has a lead anyway. >> sean: let me get david in. >> you look at virginia and ohio. >> sean: look at the lead i. michigan, pennsylvania, obama has the lead. >> sean: look at his lead among independents. it is massive. look at voter enthusiasm, in favor of republicans. massive. how big an impact does that have? >> that's a big difference i. before -- hold on, juan. i am going to get your son, who i understand is a republican, to tell you you have to let me talk. >> i thought he asked me, david. >> no. the independent -- we were told the independents were crucial here. now that romney is going way ahead, we are told that it's insignificant. this is big. i am not saying it's over. but i am saying, now obama has
9:21 pm
been stripped because he has no insulation and we are going to see, going forward, i think continued shifts. they may start to cover it up. the polls are so crazy. but here, we have the pew poll and the public policy polling, dramaticic shifts. even if they are crazy, there is a trend. women shifted 6 points, 9 points and 18 points respectively. >> we agree on that, david. >> sean: but the methodology is flawed. >> you are-- we have to go. >> republican intensity and oiiveg is increasing. you are in trouble! you are in trouble. >> okay. >> sean: all right. thank you both. coming up, paul ryan puts a reporter in his place, after he tries to distort what the v.p. hopeful is saying, the desperation from the left is a preview of things to come, at this week's debate. we will play you the clip and get reaction from dana and stewart and ♪ [ male announcer ] start with a simple idea. think. drink coffee.
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>> sean: tense times in camp obama as the v.p. has been sequestered away. six consecutive days he's not on the campaign trail and biden and his top advisers are preparing an all-out assault on congressman paul ryan. left-wing media is which i
9:26 pm
remembering in and doing its best to distort the agenda of the romney/ryan ticket. take a look at what happened when a reporter attempted to do that with paul ryan. >> the best thing to help prevent violent crime in the inner cities is to bring opportunity and get people out of poverty in the inner cities and teach good discipline, good character. that is a civil society. that's what charities and civic groups and churches do to help make sure they realize the value in one another. >> you do that by cutting taxes? >> those are your wards, not mine. >> thank you very much, sir. >> that was strange. >> sean: that is some of the distortion that ryan will face off with joe if the-in-his-mouth debate here on the fox newschannel. here with the reaction to the left spin, the co-host of "the
9:27 pm
five," dana perino and stuart varny, welcome both of you. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: six consecutive days, he has been prepping. the hill reports they are watching videos of ryan's speeches and ryan interviews -- the purpose is what? because they're afraid he will make a mistake? or they are preparing the zingers to attack romney/ryan. >> a couple of things. it seems they are taking this debate a lot more seriously than last week's presidential debate. i think it was smart to get vice-president biden off the campaign trail -- >> a whole week? >> yes! guaranteed. he would have done something that would have been a gaffe that we would have played all the way going into the debate. instead, no one's going to see him until thursday. i think that's a really smart strategy. >> sean: he hasn't done an interview -- >> he doesn't have to. >> sean: for five months? there hasn't been a daily briefing in 15 days. >> did you go 15 days without a
9:28 pm
briefing. >> not in the cam pape season. >> sean: why do i suspect that this is going to be full-on attack, if i am paul ryan, i hope he is prepare for example that aspect of the debate. there is a lot of material. i mean, they could start with, lyou said, joe, obama is clean -- took a bath, i guess. articulate. you remember those comments? you can't go to a dunkin donuts or a 7-eleven without a slight indian acsen or they are going to put you back in chains. >> look, the vice-president, joe biden, has no alternative but to go on the attack. if you don't have a plan for medicare and the administration and joe biden have no plan on medicare, all they want to do is raise taxes and run itself into the ground, if have you no plan, have you, to tack the guy who does have a plan. ryan's got a plan for medicare. they have a plan for entitlement. so bearing in mind that you have that plan, you must attack that plan. they are spending this prep
9:29 pm
time, looking for zingers, for a way to really go at ryan in a very negative way. >> sean: they have been in office 4 years. they have a record -- forget the plan. they is a record. the record is fewer americans working, $6 tril whereon in debt. morfood stamps and government assistance. >> goa joe biden's problem, in this debate is exactly the same problem as president obama's debate last week. that is, you don't want to look at the record. you must divert attention from that record -- and you don't have a plan for the future. america is in dire financial shape. what have we got? the president talking about big bird and calling his opponent a liar. so you trivialize and you divert attention, you turn thoroughly negative because at all costs, you must avoid mention of your record and you must not go anywhere near a plan for the future because you don't have one. >> sean: i think they are scared to death, not just the gaffes that i just mentioned, biden
9:30 pm
said they are going to raise taxes over a trillion, he said it proudly. biden said that the middle class has been buried over the obama policies. i assume big bird will be on the table. >> a great line for paul ryan might be -- because he will have to look differential to the senior statesman, but you saw the edge of paul ryan when he finishes the interview with the local reporter and he can give a pop in the face. i think that -- for people on the right who are looking for a little red meat, they will find somebody who is charming, super smart and able to deliver a message. on the left, i think they're looking for biden to help -- at least resurrect some momentum that they lost after last week's debate. >> sean: so if you are paul ryan, going into this debate, you are preparing for all the -- the varying joe bidens that could show up, right? >> lyou are. but here's the thing that i think helps paul ryan the most. he actually knows all the numbers that are in the budget. he understands them better than
9:31 pm
all of us put together. joe biden is a knowledgeable guy, spent his entire career in washington. paul ryan is the same. they are both catholic from, middle-class families and both have had tragedies in their life. in some ways, they are more similar, at least from their life experiences than you would think. >> sean: all right. guys, good to see you, good luck at black jack, stewart. >> it won't work. don't bet the milk money, for crying out loud. >> don't start with me, sean hannity. >> sean: that was dane amount of yeah. egged on by sean hannity. >> sean: blame the host. coming up... >> today, al qaeda's on its heels and bin laden is no more. >> sean: now, cbs news'ular laura logan calls the obama administration on its lies on al qaeda. we will tell you what the middle-east reporter really says is going on and bob woodward and
9:32 pm
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>> sean: ever since bin bin lads death, president obama and his allies have been spiking the football and downplaying the risk of al qaeda. but we will give you the simple truth. the terrorist threat, in my view is far more dangerous than ever before. don't just take our word for it. laura logan is sounding the alarm, last week, the middle-east reporter slammed the obama administration and said it's a major lie that the taliban has been weakened and speak about the murders of chris stevens and two navy seals and one other american, she didn't
9:37 pm
mince words and said that she hopes the president will quote, let the world know that the united states will not be attacked on its own soil, its own ambassadors will not be murdered and the united states will not stand by and do nothing about it. a point i have made a number of times. joining me with the reaction, bob woodward. you know, the president sent a message to al qaeda, bob. this is when he said. it's short, but let me play it for you. >> today, al qaeda's on its heels and bin laden is no more. >> sean: is that a good thing to say? >> well, it's true, bin laden's dead. to you about say al qaeda is back on its heels is just not a wise thing for the leader to say because that is an aggravation to al qaeda... you know, they still are planning things. now, i think it is true theyor their heels, but they're still very dangerous. it is an incredibly dangerous
9:38 pm
world. you have laura logan, who is an on-the-ground reporter-- a good one. >> and a very determined one. saying, this is what i see, danger. now, go if guto the intelligence professionals who play a key role in putting al qaeda on its heels, when they hear the president say something like that, they gasp because that is an incentive for al qaeda. we have done some spectacular things in the intelligence gathering world. so we know lots of things that are going on. we have disruption tactucs. and when the -- tactics. and when the president says something like that, you know, it... the people who actually do it in the national security agency or the cia are going to say, we have a source or we have a bug someplace. and the people who really know that business come in each
9:39 pm
morning with their fingers crossed, hoping they have not lost that source because those sources go away overnight. and so to stir that pot, the best thing to do in the intelligence is to sit back and say, we are doing our job. we are still worried. the professionals are still worried. and, yes, they got bin laden. >> sean: i joked with you the last time outer program and said any president who sits down with you has to be out of his mind. i meant it as a compliment because you are relentless. you expose how detached the president is, as it relates to the budget dole and the deficit. he has a lack of relationships. you're best known for watergate. here we have a situation in benghazi, a known hot bed for terrorist training, an
9:40 pm
ambassador writing in his diary that he felt his life was in jeopardy. he requested additional security and it was denied. the libyan president said it was a terror attack from the very beginning. the white house went out there with this line that this was spontaneous with mortars and rocket-propelled grenades. it had nothing to do with america and the anniversary of 9/11. it was all based on a movie trailer. all of this story is unraveling. i would think, as a reporter, i am not a reporter, you are known to be a great reporter. this would be a gold mine. why are your colleagues in the media ignoring it? >> well, actually, some very strong stories have been done -- in the washington post -- they have. there is more to be done. clearly there is a disconnect -- i just want to correct one thing about what i say in the book about obama.
9:41 pm
i don't say he was totally detached. i say he was not attached enough. he did not make the effort to take this problem of fiscal cliff and the financial house in order, over the finish line. and so we are in the mess we are... because there was not sufficient leadership on his part and also on the part of the republicans-- can i ask you -- i am not trying to interrupt you. but i believe that they purposefully lied. the evidence seems incontrovertible to me. >> i haven't seen -- there is not evidence of that. for 40 years, i have covered it too many of these things, where sometimes there is a coverup, sometimes there are people lying, at all kines of levels. have you to get in there and get the details. but i do agree with you that this should be examined in depth by somebody neutral in the media
9:42 pm
media -- the congressional committee should be looking at this, i mean, this is why we have the intelligence committees in the house and the senate. this is made for them to examine. they should. >> sean: all right. first of all, congratulations again on the book. and -- >> thank you. >> sean: another new york times best seller. appreciate you being with us. bob woodward , thank you. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up, actress stacey dash tweeted he is supporting mitt romney. you can guess what happened next? we will present you the horrible, racist responses from people that are supporting the president. i guess tol rabs is a one-way street and civility is a one-way street and civility is a one-way street for the obama supporting with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business crit card! pizza!!!!! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, everday! helium delivery. put it on my spark card! [ pop! ] [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve the most rewards!
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>> sean: another example of what happens if you are in hollywood and you dare to speak out for a republican candidate. stacey dash known for her role in the 90s movie "clueless," has been the victim of a vicious
9:47 pm
online attack, after she endorsed governor romney. quote, rote for romney, the only choice for your future. the vicious reaction from the left was almost immediate, as obama supporters criticized her race and you wered her to kill herself. but will the president call her, as he did with sandra fluke? i am not holding my breath. but congressman paul ryan did reach out to stacey dash and the two spoke. joining me the author of black lash and from the american values institute. wait a minute. president civility reached out and called sandra fluke. took money from bill maher who used the c-word against governor palillin. is he going to call this actress who is supporting romney? >> there is a double standard. i posted on twitter i was going to be on twitter and i was
9:48 pm
called aunt gemime a. the real war is against black female conservatives. there is a war on women, that's the real war on women-- you say this in your book. >> yes, di. >> sean: google your name and what comes up? >> some things i can't even talk about on your program. but stacey suspected obama previously. she is not supporting him now. and who can blame her isn't man is an embarrassment. he is an empty suit, an empty chair. he has a telt prompter he had to take to did a debate? >> i think he sleeps with that teleprompter. maybe he ought to lend it to joe biden on thursday. this is a phenomenon that conservative african-americans and friends of mine, people i don't know, i don't know stacey dash -- if you are an african-american, you are a conservative, it is free rein to call you any name you want to call somebody. the silence from the left --
9:49 pm
why? the same left that wants to use racism, have used the word chicago now. why the silence? it's deafening. >> look, i don't begrudge cirimele heredia right to-- i didn't ask that you question. why don't -- >> here's -- i think it's a culture of lack of intolerance and respect across the board. i get the same email when is i come on this show. people who say, you know, die, you socialist "b" or "n" word. >> sean: i don't doubt it -- but there is a difference. conservative african-americans are excoriated and it seems to be acceptable, in this politically correct world. >> i don't think it's acceptable at all. >> sean: it's tolerated. >> no, it is not tolerated. >> [overlapping dialogue] >> i think they are inappropriate. i think the real challenge for the g.o.p. and for african-americans who are in the g.o.p. is that the g.o.p. has not been a hospitable home for
9:50 pm
the african-americans for the most part-- wait a second -- [overlapping dialogue] what's the unemployment rate in the african-american community? >> over 13 -- 14.4%. what is the youth african-american unemployment rate under president obama 50%? what is the hispanic unemployment rate under the obama administration? 13.3%. these are demographics that will vote per for obama. >> the same unemployment rates existed under president reagan and bush. the african-americans are always the canary in the mine-- reagan brought 21 million new jobs to the country -- the unemployment rate was want this high under bush. >> i have been touring the country where freedom works. black and white tour dot-com. we are educating people about being empowered and not relying
9:51 pm
on the government. obama has failed our country and especially the black community with high unemployment, the regressive policies that are harming the energy industry. it's across the board. >> here's the problem. as a black woman, this is why i feel like stacey dash -- is clueless. okay? >> why is she clueless -- [overlapping dialogue] [yelling over each other] >> sean: wait. stop. stop. >> [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: excuse me. what is the problem? i went to the dnc convention. i had to show a picture i.d., was that racist? was that racist. >> to get on a plane and a train and government buildings. >> this is your constitutional right because this is about voter suppression -- to show an i.d.?! >> absolutely. >> this is why i am touring the country, telling people about
9:52 pm
the progressive policies that are -- >> milliop young african-americans -- that is voter suppression. that's the reality. you should look at the research. >> sean: all right. when we come back, this debate will continue. lies, the go-to for the campaign for the obama administration. this is courtesy of david axelrod, saying that romney is trying to buy the election. really? this is the dirtiest campaign in history. we will expose it when we get
9:53 pm
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>> all right, with a foreign donor scandal ready to rock, david axelrod is doing what he does best, that's lying, in a recent email to supporters, he suggested that romney is trying to buy the election, slamming the airwaves with ads, trashing the president and his record. listen, i'll be blunt, they are trying to buy this election. clearly they are desperate in chicago. joining me with reaction is fairest of them all, steven moore and the author of it's nut-cutting time. america. patrick dorenson. who spent more mony? who has more money?
9:57 pm
>> there is a candidate here trying to buy the election, it's barack obama. the thing that is so interesting about this, sean, is when republicans raised a lot of money, it's outramming in the press. we have to do something about it. have you seen any story when is obama raised $170 million? there is too much money in politics. >> sean: do you give any credence to the scandal? >> oh, maybe, who knows? in a presidential election, both sides will have things-- it looks fishy. >> if it looks like hayare inviting foreign donations by opening up the web site. >> sean: they went $190 below the limit have you to report and soliciting in a way you don't have to give the codes. >> will rogers said, politics is getting so expensive tcosts a lot of money these days, just to get beat. this is a serious problem. when you look at what axlerod is saying they are desperate. they spent all summer and spring
9:58 pm
beating the daylights out of romney with ads. now romney is going to unleash his war chest and i think they burned through more donor money than tarks -- taxpayer money. >> sean: he un-did the millions in ads. >> i live in virm virge, in a battleground state, where i am saturated with the ads. and the ad campaign is that romney lied about the campaign. what is interesting, the biggest lie of the night that was barack obama says that he has a $4 trillion plan to reduce the deficit. there is no plan! there is no plan. >> sean: we are down $2 trillion. >> but there is no plan. and no one is asking about show the details of that, like they have asked mitt romney to show the details of your tax plan. >> sean: we fact checked the president. the president did lie in that debate. >> he is lying up and down the street. he's lying all over the place.
9:59 pm
one of the interesting things about the debate, you can tell a lot about a man and a watermelon had they get thumped. recommendny got a big thumping in the primaries and all throughout the spring and the

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